As part of ongoing product development here at Equilibrium Products, we’d love to get your opinion on what is important to you when it comes to magnetic rugs, as well as your thoughts on a product concept.

As a thank you for your time, all completed entries will go forward into a prize draw to win over £200 worth of product - including the brand new Massage Mitt Hotspot, along with a branded saddlecloth, SimplySunshine Feed Balancer, Skin Soother and a pair of Tri-Zone Brushing Boots! 

This survey will take you approximately 10 minutes.
Magnets are commonly used all horses and ponies to support mobility, aid joint function and promote healthy tendons.

They are ideal for: 
· Every day use as part of your horses’ daily routine for maintaining leg health. 
· Horses in work from hacking to competition. This includes horses returning to work or retraining. 
· Older horses or those who are slow to warm up.
· Horses on box rest, standing in for long periods of time or on limited turnout.
· General knocks and bumps.