About This Survey

This survey has been developed by Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council, thanks to funding from Paths for All, to gauge the current levels of support for active travel within voluntary organisations.  We also want to understand how voluntary organisations can best be supported to promote active travel to staff, volunteers and service users.

The results will be analysed to identify any barriers and opportunities to enable more sustainable travel practices within Edinburgh’s voluntary sector. We will also share any valuable insights that we discover, with you.

What is Active Travel?

Active travel means making journeys by physically active means, like walking or cycling.  Taking the bus, tram or train is also considered as a form of active travel, as using one of these services generally means having to walk or cycle to and/or from a stop or station.  

Who should complete it?
Please complete this survey if you work in the voluntary sector and have some insight into your organisation’s working and travel practices.  We understand there may be multiple entries per organisation, but please discuss with colleagues to provide one entry where possible.

Please answer to your best ability, we understand your future plans may not yet be known. 

It should take no more than 16 minutes to complete and is open until 31st December 2020.

In order to get a complete picture of active travel within the voluntary we have also put together two separate surveys. 

The first is a short travel survey for staff and volunteers to complete, available here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/MFV766K

The second is a short travel survey for service users to complete, available here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7ZZDQ23 

We would appreciate if you were able to share the surveys as appropriate. 

Thank you for your time.

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