The closing date to complete this questionnaire is 29th September 2019

Community Governance Review – could affect you.
Gwinear Gwithian Parish Council along with every town and parish council in Cornwall is the first tier of local government. Together we play a vital role in representing and engaging with local people, and enabling their voice to be heard in matters concerning their neighbourhood and community.

Cornwall Council (CC) is currently undertaking a Community Governance Review (CGR) for the whole of Cornwall. The purpose of this review is to ensure that all town and parish councils are as efficient and effective as can be achieved, delivering both good service and value to residents, and equally important reflecting  the identity and interests of the communities within the parish boundary.  

You can find out more information from CC about the CGR here -

Gwinear-Gwithian Parish Council would like to consult you on the changes it would like to make to the Parish boundaries.    

You can see more information about what the changes may mean for you here -

We also invite you to one of our public consultation events where more information will be available. These are as follows:-

WI Hall, Turnpike Road, Connor Downs, TR27 5DT. – 10am-1pm Saturday 7th September 2019
Gwinear Gwithian Parish Hall - Copper Meadows, Reawla, Gwinear,  TR27 5FN – 5.30pm-8pm Thursday 12th September 2019

We really would appreciate receiving your opinions regarding these changes.

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* 1. Are you a resident of Gwinear-Gwithian Parish or an adjacent Parish.

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* 2. Do you agree with the proposals for the following:-

  Agree Neither agree nor disagree disagree
Map 1 - Loggans Moor, Hayle
Map 2 - Angarrack, Gwinear-Gwithian
Map 3 - Nanpusker, Hayle
Map 4 - Fraddam, St Erth & Crowan
Map 5 - Leedstown, Gwinear-Gwithian & Crowan
Map 6 - Hallancoose, Crowan
Map 7 - Roseworthy/Merry Meeting, Camborne
Map 8 - Godrevy, Camborne

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* 3. If you do not agree please give your reasons why.

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* 4. Do you think there should be any other changes to the Gwinear-Gwithian Parish or an adjacent Parish.

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* 5. If you think further boundary changes are required please tell us what changes you think should be made.

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* 6. Please tell us where these boundary changes are needed, please give as much detail as possible about the location.

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* 7. Please tell us what your reasons for wanting these boundary changes are.

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* 8. Optional