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If you are 11-25 years old, you live in the Midlands, and you have ever tried to access support from a mental health service for children and young people, we want to hear from you! We would like to ask you some questions about you and your experiences of seeking mental health support. The survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete. Your views will help the people who plan and run children and young people's mental health services to make important improvements to access.
Important information 👇
  • Your individual answers will be anonymous, which means we will not know it was you who gave them.
  • We may quote individual answers anonymously when we report the survey. 
  • If you change your mind about completing the survey, you can exit at any time without giving a reason. 
  • You can ask an adult that you trust to help you complete the survey if you want to. 
  • We know that mental health can sometimes be a difficult topic to discuss and we would like to thank you in advance for sharing your experiences. Please click here to find where you can go to for support if you are affected by anything in this survey.
If you are happy with this information and would like to have your say, please click 'ok'. Otherwise, please exit the survey.