Evidence shows that when patients and staff have a better experience being cared for, and working, in hospitals - patient care, safety and outcomes improve.

During the culture week we listened to 1,200 members of our staff and 300 patients. We heard about your experiences of working here and our patients of being cared for by us. As a result of what we heard a comprehensive plan to improve patient and staff experience is being taken for approval to our Trust Board meeting on 29th February 2016.

Based upon feedback we received from everyone we have drafted the new Trust values and behaviour standards. These standards are guided by the things that were deemed to be the most important to our staff and patients. They will help us to determine the expectations that we will set for each other by using the words they gave us. They will underpin the way we work in the future, how we recruit and appraise our teams, the way we care for patients and colleagues and how we measure how we are doing to continue to improve their experiences.

Our draft values can be summarised in a simple sentence: We are a kind, professional, positive team.
- We are KIND. You will see us being... Friendly and welcoming, introducing ourselves with ‘hello my name is…..’. Respectful and compassionate. Attentive and helpful.
- We are PROFESSIONAL. You will see us having... High standards. Being organised and timely. Giving and welcoming feedback.
- We are POSITIVE. You will see us displaying... A positive attitude. Appreciation of others. Pride in our own role.
- We work as a TEAM. You will see us... Listening, involving and collaborating. Communicating clearly. Working together to keep improving.

We want your feedback to make our values as meaningful as possible. Please think about what works for you, what you would change, what might be missing and any other thoughts you have.

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Our draft values and behaviours...

Our draft values and behaviours...