Consultation on the potential introduction of a Volunteer Passport Scheme in

In March 2016 RVS carried out a consultation with the Community and Voluntary Sector to look at the possibility of introducing a Volunteer Passport Scheme to Slough. The aim of this scheme was to

• Build a database of trained volunteers who could be targeted for recruitment into specific volunteer roles.

• Give member groups access to trained volunteers.

• Enable Volunteers (passport holders) to carry any training they do from one placement to another.

• Help to save groups time and money when recruiting volunteers as they will arrive with generic training.

• The ability to share training and expertise within the passport service

• Access to volunteer management and training and resources

• Be able to track volunteer hours and use this information in funding applications/match funding

At the time it was decided that ‘there was not the appetite within the Slough volunteer involving organisations to make the project viable’. 

A year on and with the changes to volunteer brokerage within Slough and the continued pressures on budgets it seems timely to look at the scheme again. The following questions are an opportunity for you to express what you would like out of a Volunteer Passport Scheme and to investigate whether the scheme could help to save you time and money and also encourage volunteering.

Question Title

* 1. What training do you currently provide for your volunteers?

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* 2. Would having volunteers trained for free prior to volunteering with you help
you to?

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* 3. Ideally what training would you like volunteers to have participated in prior to volunteering with you?

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* 4. The Volunteer Passport Scheme could enable groups to target recruitment at volunteers with relevant training would your group find this helpful?

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* 5. If you provide training to your volunteers would you be willing to open this training up to volunteers who volunteer for other organisations?

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* 6. Is there anything else you would like to see a Volunteer Passport Scheme deliver?

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* 7. Do you think offering free training to potential volunteers will help to encourage volunteering?

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* 8. How many volunteers including trustees does your organisation currently have?

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* 9. If you would like to be invited to a workshop on how a Volunteer Passport Scheme might benefit your organisation please add your contact details below.