Stafford Beer Festival 2018 Volunteer Form 

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Full Name

Please supply a contact number (preferably mobile)

Email Address

When will you be available to help at the festival (please tick all that apply)

Do you have any  of the following?

Buffet style food will be provided at all sessions. Do you have any dietary  requirements?

Beer and Cider are classed as foodstuffs, and therefore the provisions of the FOOD SAFETY ACT 1990 apply.

To ensure our compliance all staff are required to read the following notes and then sign to acknowledge.

If you have recently suffered from tummy bug, sickness, diarrhoea or the like, cold, sore throat or other ailment, please inform the Staffing Officer.

Hands, and in particular nails, must be kept clean. Always wash your hands after using the toilet and after smoking, and before re-entering the bar area. Wash your hands after blowing your nose or combing your hair and after cleaning up around the bar.

Staff must wear clean clothes.

While serving customers staff must not: Eat, smoke, pick their noses, lick their fingers, sneeze in the beer, put their fingers in glasses to be filled, touch spots, and boils, etc.

Cuts and abrasions must be covered with a blue waterproof dressing. These are available from the Staffing Officer. A general first-aid kit is also kept there.

Please help to keep your bar clean. Spillages, either on the bar top or the floor, should be dealt with at once, with clean cloths or mops.

Empty bottles should be removed from the bar top and stored in boxes.

If you have any questions or problems, refer to the Staffing Officer or, during the festival, the  Bar Manager in your designated area.  PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND A SHORT INDUCTION BEFORE YOUR FIRST SHIFT

Thank you for your interest.  We will contact you within 7 days to confirm your shift choices are available, additionally we will contact you in early June with more details. If you need to contact us to change your schedule or update your contact details please email, or visit our webpage