Planet Sutherland - Community (School) Polytunnels

Hiya all, we're looking at various polytunnel projects. To ensure success with these, we obviously need to know that we have enough volunteers on the ground to help with sowing, planting, weeding, watering etc.

At the moment the 2 projects being worked on are in Lairg & Ardgay. (Others may follow.) These are both at the primary schools and aiming to involve the children. (If you're worried about that, please don't let that put you off - weekend work would be needed too.)

The question here is

Would you help with the general day to day running of the poly tunnels. You don't need experience - we can run courses or learn whilst working. We would of course need to be flexible with everyones time commitments and work out flexible rotas. (We have the technology ... or will do..)

I for one am looking forward to getting this going in Ardgay. I want a polytunnel but can't afford one & messing about with a wee plastic greenhouse is really quite an unproductive use of my time.

Please do feel free to add another location if you'd be happy to help there - for future info.

Of course, please feel free to add any comments of thoughts.

Many thanks

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