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Have you ever come across highly controlling types who know how to box other people in? It can happen in families or in other situations. Does the checklist below describe something of what it's like?  Please help collect information and build the picture by using this tick box list. It won't take long - just a few ticks!

Think of a particular experience that you know of personally - not just one you've heard about in the media - and tick the boxes that apply to it. If you have more than one of them, you can repeat the ticking-off process for each experience.

Enjoy this small revenge if you want, but please stick to honest answers! If you can, it's better to get a person you know who has been most directly affected to do the survey rather than fill it in for them.  Everything collected is completely anonymous.

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1. Thinking of a particular situation you've come across with highly controlling people, tick any of these boxes that fit:

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2. Please give us your feedback or ideas for improvements on anything here: