Use of Data

Welcome to the BioPhorum single use systems change notification decision tree feedback survey!

The BioPhorum change notification workstream has developed the decision tree as a combined effort between biomanufacturers and suppliers of SUS equipment. The goal is to provide a tool that supports the industry in aligning on change notification categorization for single use systems and builds a better understanding of the respective needs of both biomanufacturer and supplier organizations in respect to change notifications for single use systems.

This survey is a key continuous improvement tool to develop the change notification decision tree to support how changes to single use systems are reported in the bioprocessing industry.

Achieving standardization of the reporting of single uses systems change notifications has key benefits for both biomanufacturers and supply chain partners. 

Purpose of survey:
1) Receive feedback from the industry on real world examples where the decision tree has not delivered the correct outcome as well as recommendations for improvement.
2) Provide a consolidated picture over time of how the team might imporove the tool further.

How will the survey data be shared, analyzed and used:
We are asking survey respondents to provide contact details to enable us to follow up with you if the team needs to seek clarification on your responses .

Your comments will be shared with BioPhorum workstream members who on a periodic basis as they look at the performance of the decision tree. They will not be attributed to a specific company or individual. Rather the team will be shown a consolidated list of all of the comments received for each decision point. Where questions about the feedback arise we may contact you to ask if the team can discuss the case you have raised with you.

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