Covid-19 Response and Recovery

In July 2020 it became clear to Melton Borough Council's Scrutiny Committee that support for the local community during and in the wake of the pandemic would be critical to the recovery process. Scrutiny therefore proposed to evaluate and analyse the response of the Council and partner organisations through the creation of Task and Finish Groups to undertake two reviews.

In late 2020 the Committee conducted a consultation to better understand how the pandemic affected the use of the town centre and leisure facilities. We were pleased with the response rate for that survey and are now asking the Melton community to share their thoughts and experiences for a new survey. This will have a more people-based focus, seeking to understand the way in which the pandemic has affected the health, wellbeing and financial situations of residents.

Cllr Pat Cumbers, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee said: "It's important that we establish whether or not we have met the needs of our residents in these unprecedented times or if we could have done anything differently. The responses to this survey will be a valuable source of evidence on which to build recommendations for future improvements."