Businesses in the Dover district are the lifeblood of our local economy and Britain leaving the European Union (Brexit) presents a significant change – offering both challenges and opportunities for local businesses.

In December 2018, the Government announced that it is increasing preparations for a “no deal” Brexit and advised businesses to activate their own 'no deal' contingency plans, as they think appropriate. 

This survey will help us to understand the possible impact of Brexit on our local businesses and your preparation plans. In turn, this will assist with our work, with partners, to lobby Government and advocate for the needs of the area on an ongoing basis. 

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to receiving your views.

If you have any queries about the survey or would like further information, please e-mail:

Business Readiness

There is a range of information available to businesses on the internet to help your prepare for the change that Brexit presents. Please see our How to prepare your business for Brexit webpage for further information and links.

Business Continuity Planning

This booklet ‘Expect the unexpected: Business continuity in an uncertain world’ provides a checklist and useful ideas for businesses to create simple but effective plans to help build resilience for any situation.