Crawley Healing Rooms would like feedback from anyone who has ever come along to one of our meetings and received prayer for healing, no matter how long ago they came. We would particularly like to hear your healing testimony and would be grateful if you could take two minutes to complete this survey. It can be totally anonymous, so please feel free to give us your honest opinion! 

* 1. How long ago did you last come to the Crawley Healing Rooms for prayer?

* 2. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your prayer time?

* 3. How responsive were our team to your prayer request?

* 4. If your friend was in need of healing, how likely is it that you would recommend them to come to CHR for prayer?

* 5. Please tell us your testimony of what happened both during and after the time you were prayed for.

* 6. We may like to use your testimony on our website, Facebook page or other publicity. Would you be happy for us to do so?

* 7. Please leave your name and email address (optional).