Current and future business activity with the UK

Thank you for responding to this survey. As part of COBCOE's Brexit Ambition Project, a number of roundtables have been held across the British Chambers of Commerce network in Europe. From those discussions, a series of common points have been distilled, which are the basis of this questionnaire. The results of the below questionnaire will be combined with the findings of the roundtable debates to produce a final Brexit Ambition Report, which will be presented to the UK Government and the EU Commission and published in September 2017.

* 1. My business, which relies on the demand/supply of goods and/or services from UK businesses, will be impacted by the UK's exit from the EU.

* 2. To remain globally competitive we will need to relocate some of our operations to EU27.

* 3. We will not be able to source talent from the UK unless there is a simple process for movement of workers agreed.

* 4. Trading with the UK under WTO arrangements will impact our profit and we will seek alternative EU27 based partners.

* 5. If access to UK developed innovation is reduced due to Brexit, this will result in significant impact for my sector.

* 6. We will not stop raising capital finance in the UK to finance our business after Brexit.

* 7. My business relies on regular cross-border transportation of goods to and from the UK and the associated costs caused by the introduction of additional non-tariff barriers will affect our profitability.

* 8. We will continue to support and grow our investments in the UK.

* 9. It will be important for my Government to negotiate a deal with the UK which does not create any additional barriers to trade.

* 10. I have a good route to influencing my Government and they will take note of my views as they negotiate with the UK.

* 11. My business is based in the following geography:

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