About the Awards

We are inviting nominations for these Awards from all Peer led support groups in England and Wales. We will be Awarding 6 projects/groups under the categories of 1) ‘Peer Support in Marginalised Groups’, 2) ‘Doing it for Ourselves’ and 3) ‘Innovative Peer Support’.  Two projects will be awarded in each category, each receiving a £500 cash award. Top projects will also be offered further opportunities provided by Mind and Peerfest partners during the year.

The Marsh Christian Trust (MCT) is a grant-making body which offers an Award scheme, working with different partner charities, to celebrate outstanding work being achieved across the charity sector.

To recognise excellence in mental health peer support, MCT works with Mind and Peerfest partner organisations to run the Marsh Awards for Mental Health Peer Support in England and Wales.

Peer support happens when people work together, or support each other, from their lived experience. It can take place informally and formally, in all sorts of settings such as in user led organisations, projects, support groups and in the workplace.  It means different things to different people. It may also be called self-help, befriending/wellbeing groups, meet ups, or mentoring. It also can take place in online forums.

Peer led peer support is a group or project directly run by the people with lived experience in the group. Its origins sit within the mental health survivor activist and advocacy movements.