Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey that is trying to find better ways to feed children while they are in intensive care. To do this, the Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) nutrition PSP are searching for the most important questions for research to answer.
You can see more about the project here PSP PICU Nutrition Webpage
What is this survey for?
Our first survey asked patients, carers and healthcare professionals to tell us what they thought were important questions about PICU nutrition. We have taken all your questions into account and checked the evidence in the published literature to see if questions had already been answered. The questions that have not been answered by research have been summarised and are listed in this new survey. 

We want to hear from you if you are (or used to be):
•A young person who was hospitalised on a PICU
•A parent or caregiver to a child who was hospitalised on a PICU
•A healthcare professional who takes care of children on a PICU

What are we asking you to do?

 1. Please read the list of questions outlined below and tick the questions you think are important for researchers to answer based on your own experiences and opinions.

 2. From that list you will then be required to select up to 10 questions that you feel would be in your top ten list.

How are the questions organised? 
We have combined over 150 questions into 41 summary questions, grouped into 8 themes:

Group 1. Energy (calories) needs for children on breathing machines in PICU
Group 2. Children who require energy (calories) via a intravenous drip (parenteral nutrition) in PICU
Group 3. Measurements for children’s growth changes in PICU
Group 4. Health and the digestive system in PICU
Group 5. Feeding methods in PICU
Group 6. Extra vitamin supplementation in PICU
Group 7. After children are discharged from PICU
Group 8. Family involvement in PICU

Is it confidential?
This is an anonymous survey (i.e. no-one can tell who it is from) We will ask for a little information about you. This is so that we can understand who is completing the survey and whether we are hearing from a wide range of people.

Who to contact? If you would like to be to be kept informed about the progress of this Priority Setting Partnership please email:

We would like to thank you again for your time in completing this survey.

CLOSING DATE: Monday July 26st 2021

Question Title

* 2. Please read the list of 41 questions below and tick the questions you think are important for researchers to answer based on your own experiences and opinions.

Each question has been assigned to group 1 to 8 and will appear randomly. In the next section, you'll have a chance to pick your Top 10.

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