Limpfield Neighbourhood Plan


Dear Limpsfield Resident, 

You will receive a paper copy of a summary of the Draft Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan, along with a comments form.   The full Draft Plan is available on  If you would rather fill in your comments online, please give us your comments on the policies and Vision which we are proposing using this online survey   The Plan will impact directly on the way in which the Parish develops over the coming years and your input is very important.  Please fill in the form below  by 23 JULY 2018.

 Thank you for participating

Mark Wilson (Chair Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group/Chair of Limpsfield Parish Council)

If you have any queries please call the Parish Clerk – 01883 722400

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* 1. Do you agree with the Vision Statement which is as follows:

In 20 years time, Limpsfield Parish will be home to a strong, prosperous and increasingly sustainable community. The community will live in an area which has retained its distinctive but varied character and heritage; valued open spaces and the Green Belt will have been protected, whilst changes and new development in the built-up area will have been managed to provide for future needs whilst preventing the particular character of individual roads and streets being eroded.

Small businesses will be able to thrive and the community as a whole will be supported by a range of local shops and services, primarily located in Oxted
Town Centre, but also in Limpsfield Village and Limpsfield Chart.

Roads, footpaths, public transport and broadband will have been improved or managed to provide safer and more sustainable communications networks across the area.

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* 2. Do you agree with Spatial Policy (LP1)

LNP1 A Spatial Strategy for the Parish

The character of the Parish will continue to be defined by its two principal components, the built-up area which forms part of the larger settlement of Oxted, Hurst Green and Limpsfield and the countryside which surrounds it.  Within the built-up area proposals for development will normally be acceptable provided they accord with the policies of the development plan and the relevant policies of this Neighbourhood Plan.   

Policies in the Neighbourhood Plan seek to retain and strengthen the intrinsic character or role of these areas and spaces. No housing sites are allocated.  Any sites to meet local housing needs will be allocated through the strategic local plan process not the Neighbourhood Plan.

The land outside the built up-area is considered to be part of the open countryside. All this area is within the Green Belt and accordingly new development will be strictly controlled in line with national green belt policies.  Inappropriate development, harmful to the Green Belt, will not be approved other than in very special circumstances.

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* 3. Do you agree with housing policy ? (LNP2)

LNP 2: Housing Development within the Built-Up Area Boundary

Proposals for new residential development within the built-up area will normally be acceptable subject to their compliance with other policies in the Tandridge Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan.

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* 4. Do you Agree with Housing Policy which sets out housing type and mix ? (LP3)

LNP 3 Housing Type and Mix

Any new residential development, including infill development, will be expected to contribute to the delivery of an appropriate mix of dwelling types and sizes to meet the housing needs of all sectors of the community, including those with specialist requirements. The type and mix on an individual site should have regard to:

·         The character of the surrounding area.

·         The accessibility of the location and availability of existing and
          proposed local services, facilities and infrastructure.

·         The evidence of housing need and demand from Housing Market
          Assessments and other relevant evidence sources.

Development proposals will be expected to demonstrate how these matters have been addressed within the proposed dwelling mix.

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* 5. Do you agree with the policy on managing design in the built up area (LNP4)

LNP 4: Managing High Quality Design in the Built-Up Area of Limpsfield

All development and surrounding spaces, including alterations and extensions to existing buildings and replacement dwellings, should be well designed and should reflect the distinctive character of the different parts of the Parish as identified and described in Appendix B of the Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan document. 

New development should respect the prevailing density in each character area and sub-area and all proposals should include evidence to demonstrate how the proposed design has sought to sustain the character of the village by reflecting the design guidelines for character areas and sub-areas as set out in Appendix B.

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* 6. Do you agree with the policy on the Limpsfield village conservation area (LNP5)

LNP 5 Limpsfield Village Conservation Area

New development, including changes of use, within the Limpsfield Village Conservation Area should conserve and enhance the character of the Area as the historic centre of Limpsfield.  New buildings should respect the character of adjoining buildings and of the wider area. Alterations and extensions should also respect the particular historic and design qualities of the original building. Planning applications should be accompanied by a statement setting out how the development would help conserve and enhance the Conservation Area.

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* 7. Do you agree with the policy on Landscape character (LNP 6)

LNP   6 

A proposal for development will only be permitted where it is consistent with other policies of the development plan and neighbourhood plan.

Within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV), development should conserve and enhance landscape and scenic beauty.

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* 8. Do you agree with the policy on Local Heritage Assets (LNP 7)

LNP 7: Local Heritage Assets:

The Parish Council will undertake a review of the Parish’s local heritage assets, including the wide range of archaeological sites, with a view to adding them to the Heritage Environment Register.

Proposals for development, including changes of use or alteration to existing buildings that would result in harm to the significance of a local heritage asset, or, in the case of a building or structure, for its demolition, will be resisted.   Listed Buildings will be protected in line with national policy guidelines.

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* 9. Do you agree with the policy on Local Green Spaces ? (LNP 8)

LNP 8: Local Green Spaces

Eleven areas in the parish, as specified in the Spatial Policies Map are identified as Local Green Spaces.  Proposals for development on the designated land will be resisted unless they are ancillary to the use of the land for a public recreational purpose or are required for statutory utility infrastructure, or some other very special circumstances can be demonstrated.

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* 10. Do you agree with the policy on biodiveristy ? (LNP 9)

LNP 9 Promoting Biodiversity

Development proposals should maintain and enhance existing on-site biodiversity assets, delivering ‘net gain’ where possible by providing for wildlife needs on site. For smaller sites, a contribution to biodiversity enhancement elsewhere in the Parish may be made.

On-site biodiversity enhancements such as new roosting features for bats or nesting features for birds should be incorporated into the fabric of the development and guidance should be sought from the Surrey Nature Partnership at an early stage.  All development should be designed in a way that reduces the effects of light pollution on wildlife

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* 11. Do you agree with the policies on employment and Business across the parish (LNP 10)?

LNP 10 - Employment and Business across the Parish

Within Limpsfield Village and Oxted Town Centre, the loss of office, food or retail outlets within classes A1 to A5 and B1 of the Use Classes Order will be resisted.  Proposals which improve the environment for shoppers and other visitors to Oxted Town Centre will be supported.

Elsewhere in the Parish, proposals which support the development of ‘home’ working will be supported, provided they are in keeping with the character of the area and do not adversely affect the environment of adjoining residential premises.

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* 12. Do you agree with the policies on the rural economy ? (LNP 11)

LNP 11 Rural Economy

Proposals which support local farms, agriculture and equestrian activities will normally be supported, including the provision of outlets for the sale of their produce.  The re-use of an existing building or a well-designed new building on previously developed land in the countryside will normally be supported.

Proposals relating to farm diversification and other land- based enterprises will only be granted in very special circumstances

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* 13. Do you agree with the policy on community services in Oxted town centre? (LNP 12)

LNP 12:  Community Service in Oxted Town Centre . Within the area of Oxted Town Centre currently occupied by the Health Centre, the Library and District Council Offices, as defined on the Policies Map, proposals for development which would result in the loss of or reduction of space for community services within Class D1 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 will be resisted unless suitable provision is made for alternative facilities in close proximity to the local community.  Proposals to extend the services or link them with other related activities will be supported. Within this defined area, other uses will be acceptable provided they complement the other community uses or do not prejudice the primary role of the area in delivering services to the local community.

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* 14. Do you agree with the policy on community services in Limpsfield village ? (LNP 13)

LNP  13 Community Services in Limpsfiled Village and other Parts of the Parish Within the centre of Limpsfield Village, as defined by the Conservation Area Boundary, proposals which help maintain and increase the use of the Village by the local community and visitors to the area will be supported. Proposals which improve or extend existing community facilities will be supported and their loss will be resisted.   Elsewhere in the Parish proposals to improve or extend existing community facilities will be supported.

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* 15. Do you agree with the policies on sustainable transport, access and car
parking ? (LNP 14)

LNP 14 – Sustainable Transport, Access and Car Parking.  The Parish Council will seek to work with Surrey County Council, Tandridge District Council,
transport planners and urban designers to secure an integrated and creative approach to traffic management across the Parish and an increase in the use of sustainable forms of transport.  Proposals which promote or make better
provision for walking, cycling and the use of public transport and improved parking, including making proper provision for those with mobility impairment, will be supported.

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* 16. Do you agree with the policies on connecting the Parish ? (LNP 15)

LNP 15: Connecting the Parish Proposals to provide access to a super-fast broadband network across the Parish and to improve the speed of existing services, will be supported, provided the location and design of any above-ground network installations does not adversely affect the character and appearance of the local area.

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* 17. Do you have any further comments ?

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* 19. Please confirm you are a Limpsfield Parish Resident