Why Register with Us?

Buckinghamshire County Council has a responsibility to track young people after they leave compulsory education and to support them to continue learning. The County Council have commissioned Adviza to do this work for them. This service is also known as ‘Connexions’.

You can help us keep your information up-to-date by completing this short survey and if you are not in learning we may be able to offer you help with your future plans.
Is My Information Safe?
Yes. The information you give us will be stored on Buckinghamshire County Council’s secure database and you can choose which contact details you prefer to give us.  You can read our ‘Data Protection and You’ leaflet which explains how we use your information by clicking on https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/education/youth-service/our-services/referring-to-buckinghamshire-youth/ and selecting ‘Data Protection & You’.
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