About this survey

Third Force News is investigating the impact of pension deficits on Scottish charities. Could pensions bring down whole organisations? Please help us by filling in this short survey.

All specific responses to this survey will be treated as confidential.

* 1. Does your organisation have a pension deficit?

* 2. Do you believe your pension deficit is currently manageable?

* 3. Do you believe your pension deficit will be manageable in the future?

* 4. Do you have a plan to reduce your pension deficit?

* 5. How concerned are you about your pension deficit?

* 6. Are you worried your pension deficit will lead to your organisation's closure?

* 7. Has your deficit affected your ability to do any of the following:

* 8. Is your pension deficit affecting any of the following groups' confidence in your charity?

* 9. Please tell us what your main concerns are about your pension deficit: