Can you tell us about creative activity currently happening in care settings for older people?

Thank you for your interest in this survey.  The information and views you send us will be very helpful as we plan our future work.


Luminate is Scotland's creative ageing organisation, and we run a diverse programme of creative events and activities throughout the year.  Our projects bring together older people and those from across the generations to celebrate our creativity as we age, share stories of ageing and explore what growing older means to all of us.  

Our nationwide creative ageing festival extended the length and breadth of Scotland last October, and in 2018 our growing year-round programme includes a wide range of activities that support older people’s creativity in different ways, for example care home artist residencies and training for older emerging artists.  We are supported by Creative Scotland, the Baring Foundation and Age Scotland. 

This survey

We are sending out this survey as we want to update our knowledge of what's currently happening in care settings for older people in Scotland in 2018.   

We would be very grateful if you would answer the questions that follow to tell us what (if anything) is happening at the care service provider(s) that you know about.  We are keen to receive responses from anyone who knows about arts activities offered in a care setting – you could be a member of staff, a visiting artist, a volunteer, an older person or a friend or family member.  

The form has one page of simple questions for each individual care service provider venue, and we’re keen to find out about as many care service providers as possible. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know all the details – just give us as much as you can and leave the rest blank.  If we get duplications, no worries, we’ll sort that out at our end. Feel free to forward this on to a colleague if they would be the best person to fill it in, or to someone else that works for or with a care service provider.  

The form should only take a few minutes to complete and to thank you for your time we will invite you to enter a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Luminate’s independent researcher Ruth (

* Would you like to tell us about a care service provider based in Scotland?