How far have we got with the Corbett Plan?

We’re half way there!     Corbett Neighbourhood Plan Journey   

The Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Plan aims to create local pride, look after local heritage, support thriving businesses and maintain its strong community into the future.

The Neighbourhood Plan is being created by the local community for the local community and it is important that as many people as possible continue to have the opportunity to be involved in producing it. This survey was created using a display taken to local events and hosted in the library over the summer and contains draft policies, suggested project ideas and questions for collecting views and comments. This is your plan. Please take a look, complete the questionnaire and give your comments.

Join the discussion or upload pictures of features of your house or amazing views from your home on facebook  Your photo could feature in the new Corbett Style Guide.

For more information or a paper questionnaire do email or call 07882 270159.

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* 8. If you have any other comments or queries please state them here.

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* 9. I would like to become a member of the Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Forum to receive information as the plan develops and be involved in decision making about the plan and local planning matters