Public Consultation

We Need Your Views!

We are asking for your views on the big issues that the Cairngorms National Park Local development Plan 2020 will need to address and the options for tackling them. The Main Issues Report sets out choices for the land allocation that could be made for development, and for policies that will be used to make decisions on applications for planning permission.

This consultation is your chance to influence the new Local Development Plan to help make sure it provides the homes, jobs and services that our communities need and protects and enhances the Park's unique environmental and cultural heritage for future generations.  

The Consultation

The Main Issues Report Consultation runs from the 17th November 2017 to the 2nd March 2018. 

There are two sections to the Main Issues Report which we would appreciate your views on, these are the 10 main policy issues and specific settlement-based issues.

You can answer as many questions as you feel are relevant to you from both sections of the consultation.

After you complete a section you will be asked to choose another section or finish the survey.

To read the full report and associated documents visit our website.

For your comments to be properly recorded please make sure you click to finish the consultation and provide us with your contact details before closing down the survey. 
All comments must be received by 5pm on Friday 2nd March 2018.