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This questionnaire is designed to show how far you have got with planning your future.

We will use the answers you give to help us when we decide what services we need to offer you.

But it can also help you to see what progress you have made in planning your future, what you need to do next and the support you might need from Careers Wales and others.

It will also help us to see what sort of work you are interested in doing in the future and what affects the way you think about your future options.

Careers Wales could hold some of the information you give us today on computer including your Name, Date of Birth and career ideas. Under our Privacy statement we will not pass your details on to any organisation for sales and marketing purposes. However we may pass your details on to organisations who can help you with your career planning. Additionally, you may be contacted in the future by an approved third party for the purposes of feedback. If you do not wish to be contacted please inform your Adviser. Full details of our Privacy statement can be found on our website careerswales.com

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