You and your organisation/ school

Many thanks for taking part in the CWGC Living Memory project.

We welcome your feedback to help shape future events and to enable us to share your wonderful remembrance activities with others. 

This questionnaire should be completed by all lead organisations, and preferably by the person managing the Living Memory Project. If you have any queries, please contact

* 1. Name of Organisation or School

* 2. Postcode of Organisation or School

* 3. Age range of person completing this evaluation

* 4. Average age range of those who took part in your Living Memory activity

* 5. Gender of person completing this evaluation 

* 6. Please tell us about your position in the organisation:

* 7. This question is for groups in Northern Ireland only
Regardless of whether they actually practice a particular religion, most people in Northern Ireland are perceived to be members of either the Protestant or Roman Catholic communities. Please indicate the community to which you belong

* 8. Ethnic origin: please indicate the ethnic origins of those who took part in your Living Memory activity.

  0 - 25% 26 - 50% 51 - 75% 76 - 100%
Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi
Asian or Asian British - Indian
Asian or Asian British – Pakistani
Asian or Asian British – any other Asian background
Black or Black British – African
Black or Black British – Caribbean
Black or Black British – any other black background
Mixed – White and Asian
Mixed - White and Black African
Mixed – White and Black Caribbean
Mixed – any other mixed background
White – British
White – Irish
White – any other White background
Prefer not to say