This survey is to record key information from those who would like to run an event as part of the festival and do not require financial support from LEAP. It's also a useful planning tool for anyone interested in running an event.

To apply for a small grant, you’ll need to fill in one of our other online forms for either (A) sport and community groups or (B) youth groups.

Festival Fortnight brings together a mixture of sporting, cultural, academic, social and recreational events and activities. Coordinated by LEAP Sports Scotland, the festival takes place annually between 17th - 30th June. Traditionally, events have been live and in-person. This year we are asking those interested in hosting an event to consider whether their idea could be delivered online instead. 2020 has taught us how to get creative online, for some ideas please visit page 3 of our Partner Handbook.

Being a sports charity, we know that for some events there is no online substitute. It is our hope that Festival Fortnight 2021 will be a hybrid festival with a combination of online and in-person events. With Covid restrictions regularly adapting, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Nonetheless, if you would like to run an in-person event, we still encourage you to apply for a small grant and we can keep an eye on progress together.

Given the uncertainty surrounding in-person events at this year’s festival, there will not be a deadline for submitting listings and these will be assessed on a rolling basis (until 17th June). This will allow those who wish to have a better understanding of June’s Covid-climate to have the time to do so before submitting. Bear in mind the later you leave it, the less promotion we can do.

Although we encourage a wide variety of events, we do require that they meet at least one of the festival's aims and you will need to clearly demonstrate this in order to be included in the programme:
  • To increase the visibility of LGBTIQ+ people in sport
  • To increase the participation of LGBTIQ+ people in sport
  • To raise awareness of LGBTIQ+ issues in sport
  • To raise awareness of wider equality and human rights issues in sport

We strongly recommend that you read the Festival Fortnight Partner Handbook for more information on how the festival works, the latest from us on Covid, and to see what's required in terms of communication and promotion.

Thank you for your interest in Festival Fortnight. If you have any questions or require help with idea development or planning, please do not hesitate to email