Light Rail Isle of Wight is made up of Pre Metro Ltd a train operating company, Connect Consultancy and local business advisors Tractioneers.  These people are experts in their own fields and our business case is supported by UK Tram Centre of Excellence.

We propose that Island Line is upgraded to a light rail service using a new breed of UK designed and built light trains that are supported by the Department for Transport (DfT) to make branch line services more sustainable.  They will create a modern, easily accessible, frequent and more easily extendable transport service.  You can read more about our light rail proposal at ‘’.

We will have more stops than either the current Island Line operation, or the proposed South Western Railways (SWR) option of re-conditioned 40-year-old London Overground trains.

Given the DfT’s protraction over the SWR’s option, we are calling on the Isle of Wight Council (IWC) to fully support a light rail service that will secure Island Line’s future.

Please help us in this campaign by telling us more about how you would use Island Line, what aspects of the service you feel are good or bad and how attractive you think the advantages of light rail are for yourself. 

There are only 5 questions so it won’t take long.

Question Title

* 1. How often do you usually travel on Island Line?  (Tick your most appropriate answer.)

Question Title

* 2. For what purpose do you use Island Line to travel? (Select one answer):

Question Title

* 3. How would you score Island Line today for the following? (1= very poor; 4 = excellent):

  1. Very Poor 2. Poor 3. Good 4. Excellent
Frequency of service
Ease of access to platforms
Ease of boarding trains
Ride & quality of trains
Station travel information
On train journey information

Question Title

* 4. Please tell us how likely the following light rail improvements would encourage you to use Island Line more frequently?  (1= not at all likely; 4 = very likely):

  1. Not At All Likely 2. Unlikely 3. Likely 4. Very Likely
A 15-minute service
No steps to platforms
Level boarding to the trains
Direct access to the Hovercraft Terminal
More stops and ‘Park & Ryde’
New efficient light trains
On train travel information board

Question Title

* 5. A light rail line on the Isle of Wight would be much easier to extend to more towns.  Please tell us how likely you would be to use the following town connections if they were available?  (1 = wouldn’t use; 4 = would definitely use)

  1. Wouldn't Use 2. Unlikely To Use 3. Would Likely Use 4. Would Definitely Use