Dear Leith!
We hope you are well. These are strange and difficult times for all. The Council has been working flat out, and the Leith community has been amazing in supporting local people, frequently on a voluntary basis.

The £eith Chooses Steering Group has been supporting the project groups funded by this year’s £eith Chooses awards. Also, it has been working in the background to ensure that Community Grant funding for 2021 is maintained, and that community participation in deciding how the money is spent is preserved – somehow…

What we know so far about 2020-2021 is:

  1. There is still going to be Community Grants money available, though only the same relatively modest amount, £44,000
  2. £eith Chooses 2021 will be different from previous years. Planning a crowded face-to-face voting day like previous years would be an irresponsible strategy, we must plan another approach. Edinburgh Council has made it very clear to us that the grant money cannot be carried forward to 2022 but must be spent before the end of March 2021. So how the grant money is to be allocated must be agreed very soon. Your views are vitally important. Please will you answer the short survey below, in order to ensure that the Leith community has a say?
  3. Online voting – which might seem to be the obvious solution – is probably not possible.

Online Voting

Obviously, £eith Chooses has thoroughly explored this option, but unfortunately ‘voting online’ is not as simple or straightforward as it might appear. The latest software, ‘Consul’, which has been adopted by COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) as appropriate for use in participatory budgeting processes, is not yet available for use in Edinburgh because, we are told, City of Edinburgh Council is still only in the process of checking it out for compliance with its stringent data protection requirements. (We will definitely be pursuing this in order to secure its use in future years, however.)

Question Title

* 1. Data privacy and security

We will not retain any personal data, just data for organisations. Collected data will only be used to inform planning for £eith Chooses 2021. Collected data will be destroyed by the end of 2021.

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