Please tell us your thoughts about the recent Leith Chooses.
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* 1. Please tell us about the nature of your involvement in Leith Chooses and tick all that apply

* 2. How did you first hear about Leith Chooses?

* 3. Which media did you find most effective/useful (1 is best - 6 is least)

* 4. How would you rate the promotional materials used by Leith Chooses?

  Good Not sure Poor
Design and Graphics
Social Media posts
Leith Chooses website
Street Banners 

* 5. Overall, were you able to access enough information to allow you to attend the event, and vote (in person or online) effectively?

* 6. How would you describe the Leith Chooses Event on 3 March 2018 at Leith Community Centre, Kirkgate.  (1 most important to me - 5 least important)

* 7. If you attended the event on 3 March 2018 were you satisfied with the way the event was organised?

  Satisfied Not sure Dissatified
The room allocation
Layout of the rooms
Voting Arrangements
Information supplied by organisers on how to vote
Information on local groups and projects supplied by participating groups

* 8. Would you become involved again if a similar event was to be run next year?

* 9. We would be grateful for any comments on the event and its organisation, especially if you would not want to take part again

* 10. Online Voting - How easy was it to get an access codes (card/email)

  Easy Not sure Difficult
1.  Card with code obtained on the day
2.  Card obtained through the applicant group
3.  Code sent via email
4. Card obtained at library/community centre

* 11. Leith Chooses - please tell us what you think about the voting process

  Agree Not sure Disagree
Online voting only is best (no voting in person)
Online voting is a good way of involving more people
Online voting would benefit from improvement
Online voting is open to abuse
Voting in person works best, (no online voting)
Voting in person on the day helps to build communities
A combination of voting in person on the day and online voting is best
It was easy to access the website with the access code
It was easy to find the group I wanted to vote for
Navigation on the voting website was easy
I found the voting process easy to understand; i.e. 4 votes in each category
I was sure I cast the correct number of votes in each category
I became confused and gave up on voting

* 12. Leith Chooses - Please tell us what you think about participatory budgeting (PB)

  Agree Not sure Disagree
I have a fair understanding how PB works
PB works well for the distribution of limited funding in a community
Leith Chooses is a good example of PB
The Leith Chooses model of PB works well for the distribution of smaller funds
Leith Chooses model of PB works well for new and smaller groups
The Leith Chooses model of PB would scale up well for the distribution of larger public budgets
Leith Chooses model of PB works well for longer established and larger groups