Plan revision - 1st Public consultation
Issues and options questionnaire May – July 2021

The currently adopted Ledbury Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) does not contain policies upon several important matters; particularly a settlement boundary. Ledbury Town Council is undertaking a limited revision of its NDP to address these matters.

This questionnaire seeks your views about proposed key issue revisions to the NDP before the Town Council draws up a new version of the plan. This is your opportunity to have a say on how Ledbury could be developed over the next few years.

Within this questionnaire are the main issues on which you can express your views before the new version of the plan is written. If you have any issues please email the Clerk on or telephone 01531 632306.

We would prefer that you and every adult (16 years and over) in your household please individually completes this questionnaire online by midnight on Friday 16th July.

The questionnaire takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. There is no facility to save mid-way through and return to your answers, so please complete the questionnaire in one sitting and click on Done at the end to submit your responses.

If you need more space for your comments please enter those in Question 7a. open text comments box at the end.

If you, a member of your household, another family member or neighbour you know who does not have computer access or is not comfortable with using the internet, you can wait for the posted versions to arrive. If they are not received by mid-June, please contact the Clerk as above for a leaflet and questionnaire to be posted to you. Depending on the easing of lockdown restrictions, you should also be able to collect a copy – including spare paper questionnaires for other household members if you need them - from the office. Please call to check.
This is a partial revision and not a comprehensive review. The aim is to address specific important matters not covered in the current adopted plan.

If you would like more detailed information on the evidence gathering for the revised NDP to date you can also read the full ‘Issues and options report v10’ and the Topic Papers 1 to 6 in the same section 2.2, on the Town Council’s website at

Go to :
Neighbourhood Plan
Supporting Documents
2. Communications and Consultation
2.2 1st Public Consultation

Topic Paper 6 in particular asks for your contribution to landscape issues - such as your favourite Ledbury views that you would like the NDP to include and seek to protect from development impact.

You can also look at any of the eight maps in the leaflet in more detail from the same ‘Supporting Documents’ page on the website by clicking on section ‘9.0 Maps and Plans’ and then clicking on the respective Figure 1 to Figure 8 files which you can then expand using the zoom facility.

The recommended documents to read are:

The full ‘Issues and Options Report’
Topic papers 1-5 covering:
design issues (1);
employment & economy (2);
recreation (3),
green infrastructure (4)
the settlement boundary (5).

These are all work in progress to be completed as a result of this consultation, but they give a detailed view of the work done to date to inform this round of consultation.

The key issues for the review are:
Defining a settlement boundary for the town
Addressing the lack of sufficient football playing fields
Provision of new sites for employment
Improving access to Ledbury Railway Station particularly the eastbound platform
Supporting the town centre
Safeguarding and enhancing green space
Promoting good design in the built environment