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* 2. Have you accessed Law Trove?

* 3. If not, why?
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* 4. Did you purchase access to Law Trove yourself, or was it provided by your institution?

* 5. If you purchased access yourself, was it lecturer recommended?

* 6. Which of the following best describes how often you access Law Trove?

* 7. How intuitive are you finding Law Trove to use?
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* 8. Which of the following tools have you used to help you with Law Trove?
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* 10. Which of the following features have you made use of so far?
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* 12. Is there any additional functionality you think would be useful to have on Law Trove?

* 13. Did you experience any problems using Law Trove?

* 14. Please indicate your agreement with the following statements

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Having access to more than one textbook has encouraged me to read around my subject
Using Law Trove has helped me improve my assignment marks

* 15. Have you purchased any printed textbook(s) in the same subject(s) as your Law Trove module(s)?

* 16. Do you use any other digital format textbooks?

* 17. How user-friendly do you consider Law Trove to be?
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* 18. Overall, how satisfied are you with Law Trove?
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* 19. How likely is it that you would do each of the following?
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Recommend Law Trove to a friend or peer
Recommend additional Law Trove modules to your law school to purchase
Buy personal access to a subject module in the future (12 months' access to all the textbooks in one module costs £49.99)

* 20. Overall, what do you feel Law Trove does particularly well?

* 21. What is the one area that needs most improvement?

* 22. Please share any additional feedback about your experience of Law Trove

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