Welcome to our Survey

We are undertaking this survey about the future of the Laurence Hall, and to let you know about how we hope to improve the facilities you use. 

You are probably aware that there are aspects of the hall which was built in the 1920’s that need significant updating, for example the toilets and the lighting and heating.  There are other less obvious needs too: the roof needs serious attention and better insulation would make the building more efficient.

We have been investigating what might be possible and, at the same time investigating possible funding as all these works will be expensive.  We can now say that we are aiming at a complete rebuild of the hall, assuming we can raise the needed funds.

Please be reassured that we are not planning to change the character of the Laurence Hall.  We will continue our main objective to offer low cost hiring, affordable by all and we will keep the safe garden at the rear.

Our current plan is that the vast majority of the work will happen over the summer holidays in 2019, and will be at pains to avoid disruption more than absolutely necessary.

We would like to ask a few questions about the hall, to understand what you value about it and to ask what you might like to see in the new building, we will be doing this via an online survey via our website at www.stmaryscholsey.org and hope to achieve about 400 responses. We are keen to get responses from all ages and encourage parents to get their children involved and support them in sending in their own responses. All responses are anonymous we just want an age to assist us with our statistical evidence to show we have been fully inclusive in our efforts. 

Do please get in touch at Laurencehall@mail.com, or via the Church Office on 651812 with any immediate concerns and be reassured that we will keep you in touch throughout the process as to plans, timings etc

The PCC of St Marys Cholsey
Thank you for participating in our survey, be assured that your feedback is important to us.