Our Civic Centre face to face service has been closed due to Covid-19. Ahead of re-opening the Civic Centre, the council is developing plans to move more services online, support those with digital access issues and introduce social distancing measures. We plan to reopen with the new service in December 2020 and would like to hear what you think about our proposals.

Why we are planning to change

Residents have told us that the Civic Centre was too noisy, too open, and it was difficult to know where to go. The large number of visitors also made it difficult for us to provide a consistently high quality of service for those who most needed our help.

During the lockdown, the council introduced ways for residents and businesses to contact us without the need to visit, mainly through telephone and video calls, and emails. We are also investing in our website and we are improving our call centre so that it is becoming easier than ever for customers to get the information they need quickly.

We believe that the more that people can do from home, the more convenient it is, and because services delivered via the website and telephone cost the council much less than delivering services face to face, it helps the council save money that it can reinvest in other services that the Lambeth community needs.

What we plan to change

Our proposal is that the new face-to-face service will be provided specifically for those who:
  • Find it very difficult or impossible to access council services via the web or phone, and need one-to-one support, for reasons such as English not being the first language, mental health conditions, learning difficulties, sensory or speech impairment.
  • Do not have computers and scanners at home, or need help to use them
  • Are at risk of homelessness
  • Have an appointment with a council service
This will enable the service to provide a high quality and personal approach for a smaller group of customers than before.

We plan to redesign the ground floor of the Civic Centre and invest in staff and technology so that we can provide:
  • A welcoming, safe and calm environment
  • Clear communication and signage about how we do things
  • Improved privacy for customers
  • Highly trained staff who will provide an excellent quality of customer care and respond well to a variety of individual needs
  • Improved technology to enable customers to use services easily
  • A space that meets the needs of those with impaired mobility
  • A space that ensures your safety and protection against the spread of viruses
This survey will ask you questions about your connection to Lambeth Council services, the contact methods you use, and the changes we want to make to this service and the layout and design of the space. It should take no more than 15 minutes and we want to use the results to improve our proposals further. Thank you for taking part!