The Royal Society of Chemistry would like to understand better the reasons why students taking post-16 qualifications in chemistry do not apply to study chemistry at university.

We are concerned about the decline in applications to study chemistry at universities in the UK over the past few years. Indications are that this trend is continuing in 2017. Understanding the reasons behind students' choices will help us decide how best to respond, and encourage more students to consider taking a degree in chemistry.

We are grateful for any information you can provide in response to the following questions. If you are able to discuss these questions with colleagues to provide a more complete picture, this would be very helpful.

Many thanks for completing this survey.

* 1. Over the past three years, what are the three most common reasons students in your school or college have given for not applying to study chemistry at university?

* 2. Please detail any reasons that have become more prominent over time.

* 3. What reasons have only emerged over the past year or two?

* 4. To what extent do you agree with the following statement?

  Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree
Proportionally fewer students are choosing to study chemistry at university this year compared to previous years.

* 5. What approaches have you found successful in encouraging students to apply to study chemistry at university?

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