About the consultation

The Scottish Government is developing a national strategy to tackle loneliness and isolation. The draft plan, now open for consultation, will look at the causes of social isolation and loneliness and how they can be addressed.

Social isolation and loneliness, while not a physical health condition, is similar to chronic long-term conditions in terms of the impact that it can have on an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Social isolation is having little or no contact with other people, which can damage an individual’s sense of belonging. Feelings of loneliness are linked to poor health, including depression, high blood pressure and weakened immune system, and an increased risk of developing dementia.

However, the signs of social isolation and loneliness are often hidden by silence. To draw attention to the issue, the Scottish Government is developing a National Social Isolation Strategy. A consultation led by the Scottish Government has been launched to inform and influence the development of the strategy.

In order to feed into the development of this strategy we want to find out how social isolation and loneliness impacts the lives of disabled people in Scotland.

Consultation Closes Friday 13 April 2018