East Devon Health - Patient consultation regarding the use of technology

Your surgery is part of a federation of 13 GP practices, East Devon Health.  The federation has been awarded funding over the next three years by NHS England's Estates and Technology Transformation Fund.  The funding is specifically to help improve the use of technology.

It will provide patients with greater choice in terms of communicating with their GP, reviewing consultations or learning about treatments and medication.

To help us decide on the best way to spend the money, we need to understand how we can make the lives of our patients easier. Therefore, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out this short questionnaire.

* 1. Please tick your GP practice

* 2. What could be done better at your local surgery in relation to the use of technology?

* 3. Do you access the internet?

* 4. If so what do you use?

* 5. If appropriate, are you happy to have consultations with your doctor, by:

* 6. Would it be useful if you were provided with a video of your face to face or online consultation? (To recall your doctor's advice or diagnosis, or show to a family member for example).

* 7. Depending on the nature of your ailment, would you be happy to text information about your symptoms to your doctor, and receive advice and feedback by text?

* 8. Do you ever search for information about symptoms and conditions online?

* 9. If yes, do you trust the information on-line?

* 10. Would you benefit from WIFI in your surgery?