Introduction to the survey

Thank you for taking time to fill in our survey about the Allocations Policy Review.

The survey has been designed so that you only need to answer the questions that you are interested in.  We are asking what you think about our proposed changes which include:

- increasing the level of priority given to applicants who under occupy their homes;
- taking property ownership into account when considering an application for housing;
- giving short Scottish secure tenancies to homeowners in specific circumstances;
- suspending applicants from offers of housing in certain circumstances;
- giving priority to households who live in specialist housing that they no longer need;
- giving increased priority to households, including armed forces, living in tied accommodation who will lose their home when their employment ends;
- giving increased priority to households leaving institutional/supported care, including care experienced young people;
- changing the rules on the size of property offered to couples;
- placing applicants aged 70 years and over on the list for ground floor properties.
As you fill in the survey, you will be given an introduction about each proposed change.  You will then be asked if you would like to answer this part of the consultation.  If you are interested in finding out more about this topic and answering the question you can select ‘Yes’ at this point.  If you do not want to answer a particular question you can skip to the next section of the survey by selecting ‘No’.