How has your experience been as a university student since the beginning of this unusual academic term? Did you have to party at student halls instead of clubs? Did you struggle with mental health?

In this survey, we want to understand your relationship with drugs, even if you don’t take any (!), and how this academic term is influencing your drug behaviour. We’re doing this to understand how to help students stay safe during these strange times. The insights of this survey will help universities to design better policies and interventions for drug use!

At the end, you will have the chance to join a raffle to win a £30 Amazon Voucher! Your email won't be linked to your responses.

The summary of the findings will be available to download freely on NeuroSight’s website.

To participate in this survey, you must be a university student.

This survey is completely anonymous. The answers you provide cannot be traced back to you in any way. We don’t collect any data that might reveal your identity nor track IP addresses. You can find more information on SurveyMonkey’s anonymity, privacy and security here.

Please read the definitions below:

Throughout this survey, we use the term “drug” to refer to all psychoactive substances including alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and prescribed drugs. 

We use the term “illicit drugs” to refer to controlled psychoactive substances. This category of drugs excludes alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, but includes all other psychoactive substances unless consumed under the supervision of a medical professional.

We use the term “legal drugs” to refer to regulated psychoactive substances, which include alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

THANK YOU for taking part in this survey!


NeuroSight designed this survey in collaboration with Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) UK, which is part of an international network of young people and students that advocates for better drug policies on campus and beyond.