Children & Family Bereavement Service For Leeds

Leeds City Council is creating a brand new service to support children and families who have been bereaved. Whilst there is some support out there through schools and charities, there is currently no stand-alone service for bereaved children and their families in Leeds, and we want to work together to fill this gap. 

 We’d like to hear from people with experience of supporting children and families who have been bereaved, whether personally or as a professional, to help us design the service, identify best practice, and understand the needs and challenges they face. 

The survey has just 6 questions, and there is an opportunity to leave your contact details if you would like to join a focus group, otherwise it is completely anonymous:

* 1. Do you have experience of supporting children who have been bereaved either personally or as a professional? If you feel comfortable doing so, can you tell us a bit of detail about the circumstances, otherwise just state ‘personal’, ‘professional’ or ‘community’ if you were a volunteer / part of a community group.

* 2. Do you have experience of accessing or signposting to services in Leeds for children who have been bereaved? What was your / their experience? (e.g. did they offer the help you / they needed, were they easy to find and access)?

* 3. What support do you think bereaved families need? We’re interested in the whole family – children, teenagers, parents / carers and support for the short and long term. Is there something that really worked for you or the family you supported?

* 4. What do you think would be potential barriers to accessing this support?

* 5. What outcomes would families be looking for if they accessed the service, how would we know if it has helped them?

* 6. Can you think of three words that we need to keep in mind as we design the service?

* 7. If you would like to contribute more to the design of the service, we’ll be holding focus groups and in depth conversations as we move through the process. If you would like to contribute to these, please leave your name and email or phone number.
We will only use your details for the purpose of this consultation and they will be deleted after the end of the consultation process.