This is the APPLICATION FORM for the International Skills and Transversal Competencies (ISTC) Learning & Training Event in Gulpen, Netherlands.

This event will take place on:

DATE: Monday 11th - Friday 15th April 2016
VENUE: Auberge de Smockelaer, Netherlands (http://www.smockelaer.nl/)

This five day event will provide participants with an understanding of the International Skills Inventory (Project output 1) through a series of workshops and presentations. A large part of this training event will also include a two day workshop on how to design and create eBooks for teaching and learning purposes. We also have keynote speakers and workshop presenters from Book Widgits and Book Creator. Teachers from a school in Maassluis, NL will also run a workshop on Flipped Learning.

To ensure we have a relevant audience for this event, we have a limited number of subsidies available to cover accommodation and travel for those who would like to attend. Therefore the purpose of this form is to:

a) register your interest and
b) make a case for why you should receive one of the limited number of subsidies available.

You will be notified by the middle of March if you have/have not received a subsidy.

Once you have filled in this form, please remember to click on the DONE button at the bottom of the screen to finally submit this form. Please email us at this address: c.m.mckinlay@hull.ac.uk if you experience difficulties in filling in this form.

Please answer all questions that are marked with a * otherwise you will not be able to submit the form.

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* 1. Personal Details

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* 2. Special Requirements - using the boxes provided, please inform us if you have:

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* 3. Where will you stay overnight

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* 4. We are expecting you to arrive on Monday for the start of the programme at 14.30 and will leave on Friday at 12.30 which is the programme end. If you are not able to attend the full meeting, please use this box to indicate your arrival time/date and departure time/date to ensure we have correct numbers for catering. For those opting to stay in the de Smockelaer, we also need this information for reserving your accommodation.

As this box requires an answer, please insert "I am staying the full week" if you intend to stay for the duration of the training programme.

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* 5. Communication Skills
Workshops will take place in English as standard. Please indicate your ability to work and communicate in English

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* 6. Would you be happy to share a technological tool (e.g. an app or some software or hardware) that you use in your teaching? You would be asked to explain/show how you use this in no more than five minutes.

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* 7. if you answered yes, what would you like to show the delegates? (You can choose more than one thing - five minutes per item).

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* 8. Why do you want to attend?
Please describe your motivation to attend this training event.

Terms and Conditions

The ISITPGC partnership retains the right to alter or cancel this training event and will provide notice as quickly as practicable of any cancellation or material alteration. Neither the ISITPGC partnership nor the lead organisation (University of Hull, UK) or employees therein will be required to reimburse travel or other costs incurred by participants because of cancellations or alterations of the training event.

In participating in this training event, you are also acknowledging that photographs may be taken, in which you are included and that you agree to the use of these photographs for further publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be included in any photographs, please put this in writing to Clare McKinlay, Room 356 Wilberforce, Faculty of Education, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Kingston-upon-Hull HU6 7RX, United Kingdom with an identification picture so that we can remove you from photographs.

The training event will take place in a spirit of sharing and open dialogue and unless stated elsewhere, outputs from discussions, workshops and networking sessions will be available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Subsidies will be at the discretion of The ISITPGC partnership and will only be paid upon completion of an expenses form (available at the training event) and relevant receipts attached AFTER the event, which will be tallied with the register of attendance. It is your responsibility to sign the register each day, upon arrival.

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* 9. Terms and Conditions