NISCC Lunchtime Seminar - 28th February 2017

"Why am I in care?: The narrative model for communicating with children about entry into care that promotes psychological safety and adjustment."
By Mrs Lynda McGill (Team Leader) and Ms Louise Faulkner (Senior Practitioner) from the Therapeutic Team for Looked After and Adopted Children, NHSCT.
Key areas covered:
  • The rationale behind the development of the Narrative Model within TT-LAAC.
  • The main themes from referrals to the service which highlighted challenges to communicating with children about why they are unable to live at home and the associated impact on placement stability.
  •  How it is a collaborative model which promotes and supports communication with children and their psychological adjustment to their care journey.
  • What people are saying about the model- feedback from parents, carers and care staff
  • Next steps