1. Introduction

The Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) has launched a 12-month campaign to raise awareness of the issues surrounding bullying, harassment and victimisation across public sector. There are multiple issues involved and for a sustainable and positive difference to be made, we need to understand and address them fully. 

There are a range of reasons why bullying, harassment and victimisation exist in organisations. Fundamentally, poor leadership and a culture that is accepting of poor behaviour play a key role. As we learn more about the impact of leadership on employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity, we can shine more light on how we can prevent the conditions that allow people to be bullied.

We use the term bullying widely. However, there is no legal definition for bullying. For many of us this may be a surprise. This is but one of the reasons why we are underpinning #outoftheshadows with evidence-based research. 

It is critical to us that we get as much feedback as we can on this topic. This survey addresses a number of factors, but not all of them may be relevant to you. 

Please just respond to the questions that resonate with you. All your responses will be treated in the strictest of confidence. If you wish to talk to us in confidence about situations you are either directly involved in, of know about you can contact us on outoftheshadows@ppma.org.uk

You can find out more about our campaign at www.ppma.org.uk/#outoftheshadows. 

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