North Lincolnshire Council has received an application from Barrow upon Humber Parish Council to formally designate their parish as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’ for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. Under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2016, the council is required to publicise this application and allow the local community and other important bodies to make comments over a six week period. This form provides you with an opportunity to make comments on the application.

Name of Neighbourhood Area: Barrow upon Humber
Consultation Dates: Comments should be made between 9:00am on Friday 22nd December and 4:30pm on Friday 9th February 2018 (comments received after this point will not be accepted).

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Your Comments
Comments should relate to the proposed Neighbourhood Area. You should consider whether this is a suitable area for a Neighbourhood Plan. Issues to consider might include: whether you support or object to this proposal; the appropriateness of the proposed boundary; whether it is drawn too tightly or too wide; or if the area identified is suitable for the basis of a Neighbourhood Plan.

The designation of a Neighbourhood Area is the first formal stage in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. North Lincolnshire Council is only looking for responses on the area to be covered by the Neighbourhood Plan at this time, not on the contents of the emerging Plan.

Please answer the questions below:

* 1) Do you think the area proposed by Barrow upon Humber Parish Council is a suitable Neighbourhood Area?

* 2) Do you think the boundary of the proposed Neighbourhood Area should be changed? (if Yes, please state why)

* 3) Do you have any other comments on the Neighbourhood Area Application?

Important: Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act, any comments received may be inspected by members of the public and cannot be treated in confidence. Comments and the respondent's name will also be made available on the Council website.
Data Protection Act 1998: Personal information provided as part of a representation cannot be treated as confidential as the Council is obliged to make representations available for public inspection. However, in compliance with the Data Protection Act, the personal information you provide will only be used by the Council for the purposes of preparing the Neighbourhood Plan.