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You can read the draft strategy for more information.

* 1. For each of the following priorities please choose the option that best represents how important you feel it is for Stafford Borough.

  Very important Fairly important Not very important Not at all important Don't know
1.  Domestic Abuse
This is recognised as an under reported issue with much abuse hidden.  Therefore we want to work with partners to make sure people feel confident to report issues and receive the help and support they need.
2.  Anti-Social Behaviour
On average 275 incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour are reported per month in Stafford Borough.  Primary these relate to neighbour disputes and rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour.
3.  Alcohol and Mental Health
Both of these can have enormous impact on an individuals life.  We want to work with schools and other partners to provide training, awareness and support.

* 2. Is there anything else you think that we should consider as a priority for Stafford Borough?

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