James Lind Alliance Outpatient Service Delivery Priority Setting Partnership

This is a survey for patients, carers/family members, managerial staff, and healthcare professionals in England to choose and rank the 10 most important questions they want answered in future research about how best to deliver care in outpatient services.

We have moved to the next stage of deciding the future research priorities for outpatient services. There is a list of potential questions based on responses to our first survey. We now need your help to turn this into a shorter list as we move closer to establishing the top 10 priority questions.

The survey is part of the Outpatient Service Delivery Priority Setting Partnership with the James Lind Alliance. Find out more here.

This survey will take 15-25 minutes to complete.

What do I need to do?

1. Read the list of questions and choose up to 10 that are most important to you

2. Rank the questions in order of importance: 1 = most important to you, 10 = least important to you

3. Tell us if you are interested in participating in the final workshop. You will have the choice to share with us your name, email address, or phone number if you are interested in taking part in the final workshop to agree on the top 10 priority questions and hear more about the outcome of this survey.  

4. Tell us about who you are (optional): we ask you this because we would like to make sure that a range of different people take part.
Please note that you can pause the survey at any time and come back to the point of pause when you are ready to complete it.

What happens after you have completed the survey?

Your answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. No one from outside the project team will be able to identify you or recognise your answer choices. We will gather the prioritised questions and take them into a final workshop that brings together patients, carers, and healthcare professionals to agree on the 10 priority questions that need to be researched.

If you provide us with your contact information at the end of the questionnaire, this information will be stored separately from your answers. Your participation in this survey will help to focus future research on specific areas on how best to deliver care in outpatient services. The list of final 10 priority questions will be shared with research funders and policy makers to help direct the focus of research on the most needed areas for outpatient service delivery.

Question Title

* 1. I confirm that I agree to participate in this survey. I understand that my information will remain anonymous. I understand that if I choose to provide my contact information, it will be kept confidential and secured separately. Do you agree to participate?