Rhins of Galloway Coast Path

We are currently developing a coast path from the Mull of Galloway up the west coast of the Rhins round to Stranraer. Together with the existing Mull of Galloway Trail, this will create a circular long distance walking route around the Rhins of Galloway with opportunities to explore the coast and local heritage. We need your help developing ideas, interpretation and activities to make sure the coast path works for everyone.
This survey is to help make sure the new coast path works for everyone, and tap into local knowledge. It will only take a few minutes.

* 1. In the last 12 months have you walked along any part of the coast between the Mull of Galloway, Port Logan, Portpatrick and Stranraer?

* 2. In that time have you visited any historical or archaeological sites along this section of coast?

* 3. In the last 12 months, have you done any wildlife watching along this section of coast?

* 4. Have you a visited any beaches up the west side of the Rhins between the Mull of Galloway, Port Logan, Portpatrick and Stranraer over the past year?

* 5. Have you visited this part of the coast in the past year for any other reason?

* 6. If you answered 'no' to most or all of the questions above, what discouraged you or stopped you from visiting the Rhins? Please click all that apply.

* 7. Do you run a local business, visitor attraction or service?