1. Lifepilot Feedback

The Western Vocational Progression Consortium (WVPC) is committed to encourging adults into learning and helping them progress to higher education study. We value your feedback and will use it to help us improve the Lifepilot site and secure future funding.

* 1. How would you describe yourself? (Tick as many as fit you)

* 2. Which of these routes into Lifepilot most fits you? (Tick as many as you want)

* 3. Please indicate how Lifepilot has helped you.
Tick as many as you want.
I found:

* 4. Do you think the site has met its planned aims?

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The purpose of the site is clear from home page.
Users find a pathway into the site to meet their starting point.
Lifepilot provides impartial information which is accurate, clear and accessible.
Lifepilot provides tools and stories which are useful e.g. HE Skills Map, Plan your Route, Find a provider, etc.
Lifepilot encourages adults to take action which continues their progression to higher level study.

* 5. What will you do as a result of using Lifepilot? Tick as many as you want to.

* 6. Tell us what you think of this site

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Easy to use
Like the layout
Will use again in the future
Will recommend the site to a friend

* 7. If you are returning to Lifepilot after using it on a previous occasion what have you done since your previous visit?

* 8. If you haven't started a higher education level course what are the main barriers?

* 9. What is your age group?

* 10. What is the highest level of qualification you have already?
(Remember adults do not always need Level 3 to get started in HE)

* 11. Has anybody in your close family been to university?

* 12. We are keen to improve Lifepilot. Tell us one or two things you would like to see us do?

* 13. Can you sum up how Lifepilot has helped you? We will use these as quotes but only with first names.

* 14. If you would like to be entered for the £20 Amazon voucher prize draw then please provide your email address.

Thanks for providing your feedback.