Every few years, we attempt to gather information about our members. Some may wonder why we want this information and how we use it. Very simply, we use it to gain insight into our membership. 

Public Information, a subcommittee of NA, will also use this data in presentations they make to outside organisations, for example, Prison Governors and Officers, Addiction Psychiatrists and Therapists, Social Workers, GPs and Nurses. 

The easiest and simplest way to complete this survey is here, online. Otherwise, paper forms will be available at the London and UK conventions. 


We invite you to help us demonstrate that we are, indeed, a viable and respected recovery community resource. Presenting ourselves in this way with the backing of data from members helps us offer hope to others who want to recover. 

We encourage each member to spread the word of the Membership Survey to their friends. We would like as many members throughout NA in the UK to participate.

Just for today, Thank you. 

All answers are confidential. For any further information, please contact pi@ukna.org.

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* 1. Are you a UK resident?

If not, please do not continue with the survey.

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