Welcome to the THCVS State of the Sector Survey

If you want to jump straight in to the survey, turn the page. If you'd like to know more about the survey, how the survey works and what we'll use the information for, read on.

What is this survey?

This survey is designed to collect information on the state of our local Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS or 'the sector' from here on) in Tower Hamlets. This information will be used to create a clearer idea of the size of the sector and who uses the services of the sector, how effective we are in our mission of advocating on behalf of you, how confident you are about collaborating with other organisations and what you think the future holds, as well as how well positioned you are to engage with statutory bodies on the key issues such as funding, premises, strategy and measuring impact.

Are there rules for this survey?

No. Please feel free to pick and choose which questions you reply to, although the more complete the answers the more reliable our findings. We have not made any questions in this survey compulsory although this year we've included more comment boxes for you to share your thoughts on questions that are important to you. We recommend setting aside 10-15 minutes (maximum) for this survey. We also recommend this survey is answered by a senior member of staff or an individual with strategic decision making responsibilities. The survey is split into 6 different sized sections as follows:
1. What Does Your Organisation Look Like Right Now?
2. Funding from Statutory and Non-Statutory Sources
3. Working with Others Around You
4. Making Your Voice Heard
5. Leadership, Trustees & Quality Assurance
6. Premises

How will you use the information we give you?

Information from this survey will be used to create a report which we will release publicly. We hope will become a reliable source of information about the state of the local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. 

We will use the information to improve our service in a number of ways. Primarily we will look at the trends across what everyone has said, putting all the data together and seeing what the big picture says. This information will help us when we make recommendations to the council and other local statutory bodies on how to work more effectively with you, the local voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. We will also use this information to help improve our service to the local sector, as a start point for seeing how we can meet demand. 

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