Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2019 - 2020

Notice of Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places


In accordance with Section 17 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013, Northampton Borough Council gives notice that a review of all polling districts and polling places in Northampton is to be conducted.

The Returning Officer will comment on the suitability of polling stations within each polling district. These will be available for viewing on the council website  and at the One Stop Shop, The Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE.

Electors within the authority or within a UK Parliamentary constituency which has any part in the authority may make a representation.

The authority would welcome the views of all residents, particularly disabled residents, on the authority’s proposals, the Returning Officer’s representations or any other related matters.

The authority would welcome any person or body with expertise in access for persons with any type of disability to make a representation or to comment on the authority’s proposals, the Returning Officer’s representation or any other related matter.

Persons or bodies making representations should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as polling places.

In responding to this survey you will need to provide some personally identifiable information.  The personal data that you provide will not be shared and will only be used a part of the polling place review.  Any report published will have all personal data removed or anonymised.  The data will be held until the next statutory polling place review in five years and then securely deleted.  for more information please see our privacy notice at



In person:                  Electoral Services, The Guildhall, St Giles Square, 

                                  Northampton, NN1 1DE

The final date for submission of representations is 16 August 2019 (midday)

Timetable for review


Publication of Notice of Review - 1 April 2019
Consultation and analysis period  - 1 April to midday September 2019
Review of results of consultation and Returning Officer's proposals  - 17 September 2019
Consultation of Returning Officer's proposals   22 September – 22 November
Council’s final decision - 5 November 2019
Publication of Register - 1 December 2019

Francis Fernandes
Returning Officer

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* 1. Where is your Polling Station?

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* 2. Polling Station Ward (if known)

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* 3. Did you find the Polling Station easy to access

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* 4. In your opinion do you think the building was suitable to be used for voting purposes

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* 5. Please tell us if you know of a more suitable building that could be used for your polling station within the area of your ward

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* 6. Please tell us a little about yourself

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