Community consultation

The Lake District is not only a stunning landscape, it is an Important Plant Area (IPA) meaning that it is home to internationally important groups of wild plants. Within the Lake District there are areas of Atlantic woodland which are warm and damp enabling many rare lichens, mosses, liverworts and ferns to thrive.
For a number of years Plantlife has been working in this type of woodland in the south west of England, western Wales and on the west coast of Scotland where we have been both supporting land managers to improve management of these woodlands and providing opportunities for the general public to learn more about them.
Plantlife plans to work in your area from later on in 2017 and we want to know what woodland activities you would like to be involved in. By providing us with some information we can plan a suitable programme of activities and stay in touch with you about it.
Thank you for taking the time to fill this in and please do get in touch if you have any further thoughts.
Rachel Jones
IPA Engagement Manager, Plantlife

* 1. How often do you get out into the Lake District's woodlands and would you like to learn more about them?

  I would like to know more about the woods and its plants through organised events and resources I am not interested in learning more about woodlands and their plants
I go into the woodlands daily or several times a week
I use the woods once a week
I use the woods every month
I use the woods every 6 months
I rarely use the woods

* 2. All of the activities we will be offering the public will be free of charge and within the Lake District area. What would you be interested in taking part in?

* 3. We want to contribute to what is going on locally. Can you help us by telling us about local opportunities?

* 4. Is there anything else you would like to say at this point? Any opportunities you feel are being missed or points of interest we should know about?

* 5. Please select from the choices below the statements that apply to you.

* 6. If you would like us to keep in touch and let you know how this project is progressing please provide us with some information about yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this in. If you have opted for us to keep in touch we will let you know how this project progresses. You can opt out of these emails at any time and we won't contact you about anything else.